The Kid’s Cave

Welcome to The Kid’s Cave! This website is devoted to children and their entertainment. At The Kid’s Cave you can find toy reviews, game reviews, information about parenting, and information on child development. Below you can follow the links to each topic.


Toy Reviews

The Kid’s Cave features many toy reviews. All manner of toys can be found here. Several age ranges are covered. The toy reviews are divided into fun toys and educational toys. Fun toys generally do not have much educational value. Educational toys, while often just as fun as other toys, deserve a class of their own. Toy reviews are based on durability, cost, and entertainment value.


Game Reviews

The amount of games available today are staggering. There are games out there for everyone with almost any interest. Most of the games reviewed will be geared towards children with a few exceptions. Console games and online games have their own section. Online games may have reviews for MMO’s, browser games, Facebook games, and others.


Child Development

Development is a common concern among parents. The Kid’s cave offers some information on different areas of development. You can also find info on disabilities that have an impact on development. Recommended development milestones will also be posted here. Every child is different and most child development information you can find will not always be a direct fit for your little one. If you have major concerns you should always consult your pediatrician.



This section offers information regarding parenting. Many things will be covered here such as teaching your child to stop biting, or fun activities that you can do together. There is also advice on how to save money as it pertains to being a parent. Humor and opinion pieces can also be found here. The Kid’s Cave will never tell anyone how things should be done, but instead offer tips from experience.