Developmental Milestones Chart For 2-12 Months Old


This chart is a summary of what to expect for developmental milestones from the ages of two months to twelve months. The chart covers social, language, cognitive, and physical development. The developmental milestones chart is by no means a hard and fast indicator, it is just a suggestive guide. Some children may show signs of these sooner, and some later. The period between two and twelve months is a period of huge developments and progress. Children in this age range may start crawling, walking, and showing minimal signs of speech. It is an exciting time to be a parent during these months. I hope that this chart is found useful and informative.

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Developmental Milestones Chart

This diagram has information based off information found at the CDC website which can be found at The information has been summarized and put into this neat little developmental milestones chart for easy reading. Please feel free to use this however you like, just please attribute it.

Social and emotional development may be called something different on other charts. It is also possible that the social/emotional category is blended in with other categories. There are many ways to track development and many people do it differently.

If you want to see development broken down into stages, look at this post here:

There are several different interpretations on the stages and categories of child development. Most experts commonly agree on setting milestones for certain ages. The best thing to keep in mind is that each child develops at their own pace.

There are many more developmental milestones, but these are the main ones. Some children will exhibit a few of these milestones. Some children may show all of them and more. Every child is different. A delay or absence of a certain milestone could be an indicator of something, or it could be nothing at all. Some milestones could also be mistaken as being delayed, when the child really is communicating or showing something in a different way. For a long time, my oldest son made sipping noises to indicate that he wanted a drink instead of asking. It ended up being nothing.

If you feel that your child should be exhibiting certain milestones and they have not, consult your pediatrician if you have concerns. This developmental milestones chart is for informational purposes only. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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