Look at All These Games for Girls! A Review of mygames4girls

There are several online game websites out there. Most of these websites have a mixed bag of general games or are tailored to certain ages. If you are looking for games for girls there are a number of sites to choose from, but mygames4girls stands out. This website has several games tailored specifically to young girls.

The amount of games is quite large. There are many types to choose from including cooking, makeup application, and Disney character games. There is another benefit to playing these games, which I will talk about in a minute.

mygames4girls.com also includes another feature called HiDolls. HiDolls is basically a virtual world where you can create and dress up a doll you have made. The doll also has needs like hunger and thirst and much more, kind of like The Sims series. You buy food, clothing, and decorations with the game currency called “deez”. The benefits to playing the games I mentioned earlier, is that you can earn more deez by playing the games. There are several features that you can unlock in HiDolls as you level up. You level up by doing things, such as buying your first outfit for your wardrobe. The HiDolls world is a wonderful feature of this website. There are several things to do as you go up in level.

games for girls
A small section of the large collection of playable games shown here.

If you are going to use the website, the HiDolls cannot be recommended enough.

There are many other features in addition to the games for girls. There is a blog, forum, and music video section. It appears that the website is constantly adding new content and items, so there is always something new. If you are searching for games for girls, then don’t pass up mygames4girls.com.

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