Science Activities for Kids

science activities for kids

Most of our modern lives can be traced to science. It is not hard to find science activities for kids around your home. A science activity does not have to be extravagant or complex. You can use items from you fridge and cupboards. This article will give a few examples of simple science activities for kids.

Observe ants

You can almost always find ants outside during the warmer months. It is fairly common to find them carrying food back to their lair as well. Try putting out a small amount of fruit or cereal and see how long it takes for an ant to show up to investigate. When an ant shows up to scout, try to follow it when it leaves to see where it is going. You may find an ant hill. Take note of how long it takes for more ants to show up to the new food source. This is one of many simple science activities for kids.

Make an egg squishy

Another science activity for children involves 1 raw egg, vinegar, and a bowl. Put the egg in the bowl still in its shell. Pour the vinegar into the bowl until the egg is completely covered. Leave the egg for about two days. The vinegar will dissolve the shell which is made of calcium. What is left is a thin and flexible layer covering the liquid of the egg. This gives the egg the squishy sensation, similar to a water balloon. Be careful not to break the membrane. It is very thin.

Compare apple slices.

You’ll notice a lot of home science activities for children involve food. With this one, take an apple and cut it into slices. You will only need three slices, so the rest can be used for a snack. One apple slice will be the “control” slice – nothing will be done to it. Take one slice and put it in a bowl under water. The third slice will be coated in lemon juice. Leave all of the slices alone for awhile. The “control” slice will eventually start turning brown. One of the chemicals inside the apple bonds with the oxygen to make the brown coating to prevent oxygen from penetrating further into the apple. The slice of apple under the water is protected by the water, and won’t be brown yet. The third slice that is coated in lemon juice will not turn brown for a long time. The vitamin C in the lemon juice bonds with the oxygen, making a clear coating over the slice. This stops the slice from turning brown.

There are several more science activities for kids that can be done from home. Look here for more.

If you are looking for complete kits to provide hours of education, then look below at these great kits:

The kits listed above are good and will provide endless hours of fun and learning. I hope you enjoyed this small list of science activities for kids. Maybe you can think of a few ideas to ad?

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